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To expedite a bylaw amendment request, credit unions are encouraged to use the web based forms to complete and submit Bylaw Amendment forms for certain changes (see Links to forms at bottom of this page).

Please note – as of July 22, 2016 legislation has passed House Bill 5755 amending Article 305/4 of the Illinois Credit Union Act. A portion of this HB stipulates that the Board of Directors may vote on any changes to the Bylaws and/or the Articles of Incorporation, as long as they notify the membership at the next annual meeting. Therefore, a vote by just the Board of Directors is now allowed for any changes / additions to your field of membership. Although, if you would rather hold a vote by your credit union membership, you are welcome to do so.

Please find the appropriate Bylaw Amendment Forms found in Links to Forms below and use the following checklist to complete the forms:

    Find the appropriate forms (from Links to Forms below)
    When the Form opens - you will see a prompt for Green.PDF - Print Less - which encourages you not to print (go green)
    Click “Close” or if you wish to, you may select “Go To Green/” or “Lean about Green E-Forms”
    Tab through and enter the following information via text boxes or drop down boxes:
    What type of meeting was held (regular, annual, or special)
    Who attended the meeting (directors (only) or members).
    Date of meeting
    What changes are being requested
    Chairman's name
    Date Chairman attested that a majority vote was achieved for this Amendment and the information is true and correct
    If you need to clear the form and start over, click the "RESET FORM" buton at the bottom right
    Click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the form (forms will be submitted via email to

If you choose not to submit via email, you may print the forms and mail to the Springfield Office at:

IDFPR - Credit Union Section
320 West Washington Street, Suite 550
Springfield, IL 62786

Upon receipt, the forms will be reviewed, and if approved, sent to the Director for signature.
Once the forms have received final approval, they will be sent back to the credit untion via email along with an invoice for the processing fee.
Amendments are not official until the Director has signed and dated the forms.