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Consumer Credit Consumer Tips
NOTE: The attached worksheet is intended to be used only as a guideline to assist in preparing your budget.
  1. Budget Worksheet
  2. Mortgage Ratio Worksheet
  • Before signing for your loan, make sure you read the entire contract.
  • Do not sign the contract if it contains any blanks.
  • Make sure the annual percentage rate is the rate quoted to you.
  • You must make payments on time or you may be subject to penalties and/or legal action.
  • Make sure you understand the loan contract.


Title Insurance Consumer Tips
  • Title insurance is recommended on all real estate transactions to protect all the parties involved.
  • Charges for title insurance and related services vary and are competitive. Shop around for the best price and service available.
  • Remember to always carefully read what you are signing.


Credit Union Consumer Tips
  • If you would like to be a member of a credit union, you should do some shopping between different credit unions for services offered, hours of operation and location.
  • Remember, you can only join a credit union if you are part of its field of membership.
  • Make sure you read all account agreements carefully prior to signing.
  • Carefully read the disclosures of all loan documents to determine how much interest you will pay over the entire life of the loan.
  • Obtain the credit union's annual report to assess the financial condition of the institution.
  • Make sure you review all newsletter notices mailed to you by the credit union to be informed about potential increases in fees assessed, or changes in the credit union's rates of interest on loans, credit cards, or the date and location of the credit union's annual members meeting.
  • For further information concerning the credit union you can also request a copy of the credit union's bylaws.


Currency Exchange Consumer Tips
  • Have proper identification such as a drivers license, state-issued identification, passport or military identification.
  • Instruct the teller to completely fill-out the money order, i.e. remitter and payee.
  • Save your yellow money order receipt or receipt stub.
  • Count your money before leaving the window.
  • Secure your money before leaving the currency exchange.
  • Consider obtaining a "Safety Money Order" such as a money order made-out to yourself.
  • Ask about the fee before initiating the service.
  • Check that fee against the fee chart posted in the lobby.
  • Save all stamped, paid bills and receipts showing the currency exchange's name and date.
  • Bring all your license work receipts, including the window receipt, when picking-up license work processed by the currency exchange.
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