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Auto Title Lending Pamphlet Small Consumer Loan Pamphlet Payday Loan Pamphlet
Payday Loan Pamphlet - Spanish Small Consumer Loan Pamphlet - Spanish  
Annual Report
Annual Report for the Payday Loan Reform ActMust be Filed by March 1
Annual Report of Licensees under Consumer Installment Loan Act Application
Annual Report Form
Annual Report Instructions
Guide for Applying for Consumer Credit License
These are the most current Consumer Installment License Application Forms.
Consumer Installment Loan License Application
Payday Loan Application (available in MS Word or PDF format)
Safety Deposit Boxes, Safes & Vaults
Safe Depost Vault License Renewal
Sales Finance Agency Application
New Mortgage Lending Rules - Compliance Forms
Projection of Variable Payment Worksheet
30 Day Delinquency Notice
Notice Mortgage Awareness Program
Waiver of Participation in Mortgage Awareness Program
Available Funds Worksheet
Notice of Independent Review
Contemplated Loan Withdrawal Notice
Receipt of Worksheets
Worksheet Estimated Monthly Income and Expenses
Balance Sheet
Mortgage Ratio Worksheet
All 11 Forms
Transmitter of Money Act
TOMA Quarterly Reporting Updates
Transmitters of Money Act License (TOMA) Application
TOMA Quarterly Report 75i Form (available in MS Word or PDF format)
Debt Management
The Division licenses and regulates for-profit or not-for-profit businesses engaged in debt management by receiving funds from individual clients and distributing them to their creditors.
Debt Application
Debt Bond
Debt Information
Debt Supplemental Application
Debt Personal
Debt Settlement
Debt Settlement Application (Required)
Debt Settlement Bond (Required)
Debt Settlement Supplemental Application (Required)
Debt Settlement Personal Information Form (Required)
Consumer Credit Section
Division Overview
Acts & Rules
Changes to Remittance Transfer Rule Notice
Applications & Forms
New Debt Settlement Act
Annual Report
Renewal Forms
Complaint Form
Consumer Installment Loan Act Applicant List
Como Detectar, Prevenir y Evitar el Fraude
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