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The best place to find information about financial literacy is online. Financial information, i.e. stock prices, interest rates, tax laws, retirement plans, change so frequently that there is no way a book can be published fast enough to keep up with the new rates. Even a weekly magazines’ information can become out dated fairly quickly. For a commerce that is consistently changing, a consumer needs a medium that can be updated as needed. The Internet can provide constant updates on all financial matters. There are many Web sites built to help the consumer with their financial questions. Below is a list of quality Web sites that cover a range of financial inquiries:
This site is developed by CCH Inc., a leading provider of tax law information to financial professionals. This site is for consumers, though, and it covers the scope of financial planning, not just taxes, in a clear and straightforward manner.
This site provides updated information about financial issues including: headline news, articles, reports, and stocks and quotes. There are also message boards to post questions, and a stock ticker. provides personal financial planning services, online banking and trading, as well as information about all types of personal finance, including banking, investing, small business, and retirement. Quicken software can also be purchased at this site.
Two brothers, David and Tom Gardner, invented a multimedia financial education company called ‘The Motley Fool’. The company's mission has remained the same since its inception: ‘to educate, enrich and amuse individual investors around the world’. The Web site provides useful information about investing and money issues in a lighthearted matter that is easy to understand.
This site is one of the most comprehensive financial glossaries on the Internet. With over 6,000 definitions and 20,000 links between related terms, any definition of any financial word or phrase can be defined here.

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